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Referral & Intake

If you are interested in receiving services at Sendero Pediatric Therapy, please give us a call at 580-530-6161 to discuss your child’s specific needs. Before we can see your child for an evaluation we will need a referral from your doctor as well as the doctor’s notes from his/her most recent well-child visit.


*Please note: your child must have attended a well-child visit within the last year and all doctor’s notes must include either the parent requesting services or the doctor recommending services.*


Once we have received a referral and your doctor's notes, we will either call your insurance company to verify benefits or submit for prior authorization depending on your insurance.


Evaluations are scheduled for 1.5 hours and results are typically given at the end of the evaluation. 


After your child has been evaluated, we will either schedule treatment immediately or submit for prior authorization for treatment depending on your insurance.


Treatment services are conducted in recurring appointments. 

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